Benchmarking Javascript for computational purposes

18 minute read Published:

Since Javascript at the moment is the simplest way to execute code on any client computer around the world, i thought it could be an interesting exercise trying to figure out how fast it became and if it’s a viable way to use it for a distributed computing platform. From some sources around the Web it appears a lot of work has been done to make Javascript as fast as possible and found this wonderful snippet who claimed:

A Wonderful world with ansible

1 minute read Published:

Ansible is a beautiful tool to help you manage a lot of linux server. It follows the philosophy that orchestrating servers should be dead simple rather than complex as writing software. Here some quick and simple use for ansible update apt cache and install python-requests: ansible all -u myuser -s -m apt -a "pkg=python-requests state=installed update_cache=yes" copy /tmp/myfile to any host : ansible all -u myuser -s -m copy -a "